Student Accounts

Accounts to help prepare your student for the future.

Learning how to manage your money is important. Shouldn’t banks help young people become financially literate?

At Jewett City Savings Bank, we offer a range of accounts to help students learn how to manage money and reach their financial goals.

Our student accounts include

Online Banking and
Mobile Banking

No minimum balances
or service fees

Financial fundamentals
from Stash McCash

Personal service
from neighbors

Student Savings

Teach your student the importance of keeping their savings separate from their spending money with a Student Savings account. There are no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees for children age 18 and under and for full-time college students.

Student Checking

With no monthly service fees, no monthly minimum balance requirements, and no per-check charges, our Student Checking account is designed to help students – ages 14-22 – manage their money. Please note: Students under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian as co-owner on the account.

Online & Mobile Banking

Students can monitor their account balances, as well as make transfers between their Jewett City Savings Bank accounts.

Debit Card

With a Jewett City Savings Bank Debit Mastercard® students can shop and get cash. Look for the SUM® ATM logo to avoid ATM surcharges when away from home.

Deposit Insurance

All our accounts come with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protection of up to $250,000 per depositor. Learn more about Deposit Insurance.

You Life. Your Bank.

 Use our information request form, visit any of our offices, or give us a call at 860-376-4444 and find out how Jewett City Savings Bank can help you.