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Running a business takes hard work and a strong vision for the future. Shouldn’t your bank help you make those visions a reality?

At Jewett City Savings Bank, we understand the importance of providing affordable financing options to help businesses – of all sizes – succeed.

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Term Loan

A Term Loan lets you finance income-producing assets, such as machinery, equipment, or inventory, for your business.

Single Payment Loan

Providing funds to fulfill a short-term need, a Single Payment Loan may be the right option for a business that needs interim financing in anticipation of funds from another source, such as the sale of real estate or other assets, or conversion to long-term financing.

Working Capital Loan

A Working Capital Loan can help finance the everyday operations of your business, such as your payroll or accounts payables.

Commercial Line of Credit

A Commercial Line of Credit is a revolving type of loan, similar to a credit card, often used to maintain cash flow, pay operating expenses, purchase inventory and provide cash for a business while inventory is being sold and accounts receivables are being collected.

Letter of Credit

We can provide your business with a Letter of Credit; a document issued on behalf of a business that guarantees payment to a third-party beneficiary if the business defaults on its agreement with the beneficiary.

Financing Resources

For businesses that require extra assistance to obtain financing, we can help with programs through the Small Business Administration (SBA):

  • SBA 7A Loans
  • 504 Loans
  • SBA CapLines
  • Export Working Capital Program

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