Total Business Checking​

Accounts to grow with you as you expand your business.

You’re starting to grow your business. Shouldn’t your bank be able to keep up with your growth?

At Jewett City Savings Bank, our Total Business Checking is a smart solution that makes monitoring and maximizing your cash flow easy.

Total Business Checking includes

Rewarding rates
and terms

debit card

Cash management solutions

Deposit Insurance
from the FDIC

Personal service
from neighbors

Total Business Checking

For businesses with higher transaction volumes and balances, or that require more advanced cash management services, our Total Business Checking will meet your needs. Transaction and service fees assessed are offset with an earnings credit based on the average collected balance in the account each month.

Zero Balance Account

To help businesses with multiple accounts for different divisions or functions, we offer Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) linked to your Total Business Checking. With a ZBA, we will automatically consolidate excess balances in your accounts, allowing you to improve cash flow seamlessly.

Sweep Account Processing

Automatically maintain a specific balance in your Total Business Checking. At the end of each business day, funds exceeding the specified target balance in the Total Business Checking are automatically transferred to one of our business money market accounts. If the balance in the Total Business Checking falls below the specified target, funds are automatically transferred from your Business Money Market account with us.

Business Money Market

Save and earn more with our Business Money Market Savings and Business Premium Plus Money Market accounts, which offer competitive interest rate tiers that increase with your balance. The funds in your account are always accessible and you may make up to six transfers or payments by check from your account each month.

Commercial Analysis Statement

Each month, you will receive a detailed statement that breaks down your account balances, service fees, and the earnings credits that offset them.

Deposit Insurance

All our accounts come with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protection of up to $250,000 per depositor. Learn more about Deposit Insurance.

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