Convertible ARM

Lower rates and predictable monthly payments?
Now you can have both.

Choosing the right mortgage is critical to saving money – and having peace of mind.

Shouldn’t your bank make it easy for you to make the right choice?

Benefits of a convertible ARM include

Lower introductory rate and payments

Flexibility and

Peace of

Personal Service
from Neighbors

At Jewett City Savings Bank, we want to help you get the mortgage that makes you feel most comfortable. 

That’s why we offer a Convertible ARM that gives you the low initial rate and flexibility of an adjustable-rate mortgage and the option to convert to a fixed-rate mortgage with predictable payments

How it works

You’ll start with an adjustable-rate mortgage with a lower rate and lower payments.

Then, within the first one to five years based on your loan, you can easily convert your mortgage into a fixed-rate mortgage at the current rate that offers predictable monthly payments and peace of mind. While there is a small fee it is significantly less than refinancing.

Have questions?

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