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January 2018
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Jewett City Savings Bank Helps Purchase New Chimes for Griswold

To help restore a 20-year tradition in the Town of Griswold, Jewett City Savings Bank donated $2,000 for the installation of a new chime system. The donation was made in collaboration with community residents who raised an additional $2,000 toward the purchase of the system. Originally installed in 1995, the centrally located chime system is […]

Jewett City Savings Bank donates $20,000 to support Griswold Bicentennial

Funds used to support a variety of events to bring local people together Jewett City Savings Bank announced a $20,000 donation to support the Griswold Bicentennial. The donation will be used toward a variety of events and activities designed to bring local people together to celebrate the Town of Griswold’s proud history. The sponsorship includes […]

Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation Now Accepting 2015 Grant Applications

The Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation is now accepting 2015 grant applications from local 501(c)(3), 170(c)(1), and other qualified non-profit organizations in the communities Jewett City Savings Bank serves. The process is part of Jewett City’s long-standing tradition of providing support to the local organizations that help strengthen our neighborhoods. Guidelines and grant applications for […]

Blocked Debit Card Transactions

We may block or limit the types of transactions processed using debit cards in response to alerts of excessive fraudulent activity.  We take these precautions to protect our customers and the funds in their accounts from potential fraud.  Information regarding these transaction limitations is provided below. IN THE UNITED STATES We are currently blocking signature-based debit card […]

Fraud Alert 06-01: Telephone Scam Reported

We have learned of a telephone scam that is being directed at bank customers.  The automated call informs the person that their debit card has been “deactivated” and to enter their 16-digit card number to reactivate the card.  If you receive a call like this, you should hang up immediately.  Do not provide any information.  If […]

Personal Finance Tips for Children

Anytime is the right time to begin teaching children about money, and the American Bankers Association has tips that can help parents teach money at home. Talk openly about money with your kids. Communicate your values and experiences with money. Encourage them to ask you questions, and be prepared to answer them – even the tough ones. Explain the […]

Important Information for Quicken and Quickbooks Users

Each year, Intuit discontinues support for older versions of Quicken® and QuickBooks®, and as a result these versions are no longer supported by our Online Banking system. For Quicken Users The following versions of Quicken will no longer be supported after April 30, 2015: Quicken Mac® 2005 Quicken Essentials for Mac® Quicken® 2012 for Windows […]

Red X Appearing in Online Banking URL

If you use Chrome as your Internet browser and have updated to version 41, you may notice a red X over the lock symbol and a red line through the https in the URL when using Online Banking or other secure web sites.  While the Online Banking web site is still secure, these visual displays […]

Moore Retires, Andstrom elected as Director at Jewett City Savings Bank

At the 142nd Annual Meeting held on March 25, 2015, Kevin C. Merchant, president and CEO of Jewett City Savings Bank, announced the retirement of Dr. Eric L. Moore from the Board of Directors. Dr. Moore began his exceptional service with the Bank as a corporator in 1998 and served as a board member from […]

Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation Announces Grants to Support Five Connecticut Food Pantries

Five Connecticut food pantries awarded a total of $11,500 in grants to provide critical food items to needy residents and improve pantry facilities The Jewett City Savings Bank Foundation has awarded a total of $11,500 in grants to five Connecticut food pantries to purchase much-needed food and related items for those in need and to […]