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June 2017
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Changes to the Online Banking Password Screen

Beginning Monday, June 19th you will no longer see your personal image and passphrase before entering your password to log in to Online Banking.

The first time you log in to Online Banking on or after June 19th, you will be asked to reset your security questions.  You may be presented with your security questions more frequently while the system updates your security profile.

Password Screen Changes:

Login Screen - Before

Login Screen – Before

Login Screen After

Login Screen – After

Your online security is very important to us.
Improvements to Internet browser security have made the image/passphrase combination unnecessary.  As a user, you are now alerted if a website’s Security Certificate does not match the URL to which you are visiting.  These alerts advise you to close your browser window and not continue to the web site.  In addition, you will now be protected by multiple levels of authentication that will guard against unauthorized account access.

  • The first level of security requires the input of your correct User ID and Password.
  • The second level is the unique ID of the device used to log in to Online Banking.  If the computer, phone or tablet is not recognized, you will be required to answer one or more of your security questions before you will be allowed to continue.
  • The third level of authentication is based on geographic indicators.  If a login attempt is made from a new geographic location, you will be asked to answer security questions before you can continue.

If you fail in three attempts to answer your security questions correctly, you will be locked out of Online Banking.   Please contact our customer support staff at any branch office for assistance with resetting your Online Banking access.

Lock Out Caused By Account Aggregation Services
If you use a service or app to aggregate your account information from several financial institutions, the new authentication methods may prevent the service from updating your account information and lock you out of Online Banking.  If this should occur, please contact us and provide the name of the service and the last date/time that it was used.  We will work with our system developers to determine if your account aggregation service can be authenticated.  Account aggregation services that have been authenticated include Intuit/Mint, Xero, Yodlee, Acorn, CashEdge and Lifelock.

We apologize if these updates cause any inconvenience. If you have any questions, or need assistance accessing Online Banking, please contact us at 860-376-4444.

Rev. 06-19-2017