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June 2014
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Summer Travel Safety Tips

Summer_Dad_Son_NEWSHave summer travel plans? Here are some tips to protect your finances while you’re away:

  • Take us with you! With Online and Mobile Banking, your account information is always at your fingertips. You can set up account alerts to notify you of low balances and confirm deposits or withdrawals. And, you can even pay your bills while you’re away, with free Online Bill Pay.
  • Share your plans with us. Let us know beforehand that you’ll be traveling and we’ll keep a close fraud watch on your accounts for any sign of questionable or unusual activity. Let your credit card company know about your plans, too, especially if you’ll be traveling overseas.
  • Protect what you’re leaving behind. Hold your mail and newspaper delivery. Nothing says “No one home” louder than newspapers piled on the doorstep and an overstuffed mailbox.
  • Wait until you return to post the details of your vacation on Facebook or other social media. Don’t reveal your definitive plans in advance.
  • Weed your wallet. Narrow your collection down to just one credit card and your ATM/debit card. Don’t carry anything with your Social Security number on it. Make copies of everything you will be carrying and leave the information with a family member.
  • During your travels, use a credit card for larger purchases, and your debit card to get cash at ATMs.
  • Always look for an ATM owned by an established financial institution rather than a free-standing machine in the middle of nowhere.
  • Don’t leave valuables (or your laptop or tablet) in an empty hotel room or rental car. Use the hotel safe while you’re out sightseeing and having fun.
  • Make sure your mobile devices are password-protected and protected by updated security software.
  • Stay vigilant even when your vacation’s over. Identity thieves don’t always act in the moment. They could strike later, when you least expect it. Monitor your account frequently for any signs of suspicious activity.

Your vacation should be a time to remember — for all the right reasons. Enjoy, and stay safe!