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Our checking and savings options are designed to help reduce costs and streamline your cash management.

Business 100 Checking
Our Hometown Business Checking account is perfect for businesses with lower transaction needs. There is no monthly fee and no charge for the first 100 transactions each month, including deposits and items deposited, withdrawals, and checks paid. Additional transactions are only 25¢ each.

Business 250 Checking
For small businesses that process a moderate number of transactions, our Business 250 Checking is the perfect solution. There is a flat monthly fee of $10 that covers up to 250 transactions, including deposits and items deposited, withdrawals and checks paid. Additional transactions are only 25¢ each. Basic cash management services are also available to make managing your money easier than ever.

Total Business Checking
A checking account for businesses and organizations that process a higher volume of transactions.  Fees assessed on the services used can be offset by a compensating balance in the checking account. Additional services that help you manage your account include:

Zero Balance Account (ZBA)
With a Zero Balance Account you can easily track activity for different business functions or divisions, while combining excess account balances to maximize the use of available funds. The ZBA is linked to a Total Business Checking account, with checks, deposits, and other transactions processed on the ZBA resulting in either a positive or negative balance at the end of the day. If the balance is positive, the funds will be automatically transferred to the Total Business Checking account. If the balance is negative, funds will be automatically transferred from the Total Business checking account to bring the balance back to zero.

Commercial Analysis Statement
Receive a commercial analysis statement that will provide the details on the account service fees assessed during each statement period and account balance information used in determining the earnings credit and compensating balance requirement.

Business Checking with Interest
Small businesses can earn interest on their checking account balances. There are no minimum balance requirements and no transaction limits. Monthly service fees apply.

For attorneys (IOLTA) and real estate brokers (IOREBTA), there are no monthly fees and no balance requirements to maintain clients’ funds accounts.

Community Checking
Non-profit organizations can choose a non-interest bearing checking account or a checking account that earns interest at current market rates. Unlike business checking accounts, there are no transaction fees. A flat monthly fee is waived when the minimum balance is maintained in the account.

Business Money Market Account
Our Business Money Market Account has no withdrawal penalties, so you can make withdrawals – and deposits – whenever you wish.

Business Premium Plus Money Market Account
Our Business Premium Money Market Account has several balance tiers and pays higher rates for those who maintain higher balances.

Your Hometown Bank
Please contact us if you have questions about any of our products and services. You can use our information request form or give us a call at 860-376-4444. Count on us to make your banking easier, more convenient and more enjoyable.

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